Our air-conditioning hoses – always in top form

The motto of all air-conditioning hoses from SHP Primaflex is: as light and flexible a
possible. But there is more to the program than only that. The advantages of the
material we use are numerous and relevant to all air-conditioning systems
—starting with intelligent plug connections and a perfect fit for all installation
spaces all the way to a high level of fire resistance. The following hoses are
specifically used in rail vehicles:

  • 1.03UNI M2 L/ISO

    Insulated, highly flexible air-conditioning hose in unique shape suitable for hidden installations. Available with...more >

  • 1.03.1SFLK ISO

    Insulated, flexible and extremely light weight air-conditioning hose. The liner hose is manufactured from...more >

  • 1.03.2UNI M2 L/IC/CR

    Flexible, light weight hose developed for water convance/drainage on trains e.g (rainwater/cleaning solution)....more >

  • 3.07UNI M2 L

    Special incombustible, very lightweight, vulcanized hose made of two-ply glass-fiber fabric with a hidden inside...more >